Research interests

My research focus on Algebraic Geometry with emphasis on Moduli spaces of curves and related objects like Hurwitz Spaces, Tautological Cycles, Moduli of stable maps.



  • A.Cela, Quantum Euler class and virtual Tevelev degrees of Fano complete intersections, preprint 2022

  • A. Cela, C. Lian, Generalized Tevelev degrees of P1, preprint 2021

  • A. Cela, R. Pandharipande and J. Schmitt, Tevelev degrees and Hurwitz moduli spaces, preprint 2021, accepted in Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. Journal version


Old Thesis

Talks given

  • Tevelev degrees, workshop 'Recent Advances on Moduli Spaces of Curves', March 2022
  • Virtual Tevelev degrees and quantum Euler class of Fano complete intersections, Zurich (ETHZ), Algebraic Geometry and Moduli Seminar, March 2022

Conferences and summer schools attended

  • 06/2022 : 'Algebraic Geometry' in Roma Tre on the occasion of Sandro Verra's 70th birthday (Italy)
  • 06/2022 : 'Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar' in Les Diablarets (Switzerland)
  • 05/2022 : 'Curves and K3 surfaces' in Bonn (Germany)
  • 03/2022 : 'Recent Advances on Moduli Spaces of Curves' in Leysin (Switzerland)
  • 03/2022 : 'Admcycles: coding intersection theory' in Les Diablarets (Switzerland)
  • 08/2021 : 'Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar' in Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 07/2019 : 'Perugia summer school' (SMI) in Perugia (Italy)