Prof. Erwin Engeler

Curriculum Vitae: My address:
Department of Mathematics, HG G 50.1
Federal Institute of Technology
8092 Zurich, Switzerland

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Dates and Stations

Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland on the 13th February 1930.

Diploma in mathematics at the ETH, Zurich
Marriage to Margaret née Knecht, Dr.phil. (Two children, Christopher, and Suzanne, Dr.iur.)
1958 ETH, Zurich (Prof. P. Bernays)
Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota
Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor and Full Professor at the University of Minnesota
Professor of Logic and Computer Science, Mathematics Department, ETH, Zurich

Activities and Offices


  1. Classical model theory and infinitary languages

  2. Categories in model theory

  3. Algorithmic properties of structures and logics of programs

  4. Galois connections and structure of programs

  5. Foundations and philosophy of science

  6. Combinatory algebra as a foundational structure for mathematics

  7. Neuroscience

  8. Miscellaneous

Current Projects and Talks