Dr. Laura Gioia Andrea Kobel-Keller

Didactic activities

Research about efficient teaching at university level

I am the PI of the project Principles of Productive Failure at the assessment level, one element of the bigger ETH+ Project Future Learning Initiative of Prof. Dr. Manu Kapur.

In this project we investigate the effectiveness of feedback-rich assessment (multiple-choice questions) and how such tools are best used in teaching at university level, in particular how efficient feedback is given. The project team includes - besides Manu Kapur and myself - Vera Baumgartner (PhD-student) and Dragan Trninić (PostDoc).

Support activity

Apart from that, I am also the coordinator of the MELETE group at the department of mathematics and the editor in chief of our MELETE blog.
This group is dedicated to the evaluation, elaboration and dissemination of modern teaching techniques - in particular for big lectures. We work closely together with the LET.
One of our missions is to support colleagues and spread new ideas and techniques.