List of publications (selection)


  • L.G.A. Keller. Höhere Mathematik kompakt, Springer (essentials-Serie), 103 pages, access


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  • P. Constantin, L.G.A. Keller, C. Nobili. Existence, uniqueness, regularity and long time behavior of hydrodynamic evolution equations, book chapter of Transport, Fluids, and Mixing, open access

  • Y. Brenier, L.G.A. Keller. New concepts of solutions in fluid dynamics, book chapter of Transport, Fluids, and Mixing, open access


  • L.G.A. Keller. Homogenization and concentrated capacity for the heat equation with two kinds of microstructures: Uniform cases Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata 196(3), 791-818, 2017

2015 and older

  • L.G.A. Keller, A. Mondino, T. Rivière. Embedded tori minimizing the Willmore-Helfrich energy under isoperimetric constraints Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 212, 645-682, 2014

  • L.G.A. Keller. $L^{\infty}$ estimates and integrability by compensation in Besov-Morrey spaces and applications, Adv. Calc. Var 5, 285-327, 2012