Lectures and Seminars

Teaching Assistance

  • WS19/20: Seminar Mock Thetafunktionen (Prof. Bringmann)
  • WS17/18: Funktionalanalysis (Prof. Bruinier)
  • SS17: Einführung in die Algebra and Seminar elliptische Kurven (Prof. Bruinier)
  • WS16/17: Automorphe Formen and Proseminar Elementare Zahlentheorie (Prof. Bruinier)
  • SS16: Seminar Lie-Algebren (Prof. Bruinier)
  • WS15/16: Lineare Algebra 1 de/en and Seminar Modulformen (Prof. Tommasi/Prof. Bruinier)
  • SS15: Lineare Algebra für Physiker (Dr. Wichelhaus)
  • WS14/15: Mathematik I für Maschinenbauer (Prof. Reif) and Automorphe Formen (Prof. Bruinier)
  • SS 14: Seminar Modulformen (Prof. Bruinier)
  • SS 13 - SS14: Lineare Algebra (Prof. Bruinier)


Here are some of the Master's theses I supervised or assisted in supervising:

  • Johannes Buck, Eisenstein series for the Weil representation and theta series (2016)
  • Paul Kiefer, Eisenstein series and automorphic forms of singular weight (2017)
  • Jennifer Kupka, Mock modular forms and traces of singular moduli (2017)
  • David Klein, Ramanujan's mock theta functions and harmonic Maass forms (2018)
    See also the research paper by David Klein and Jennifer Kupka, which is based on their Master's theses.
  • Suleman Khalil, Vector valued modular forms for the Weil representation (2019)
  • Maximilian Müller, On the converse theorems of Hecke and Weil (2019)
  • Carolin Berke, Fourier coefficients of meromorphic modular forms (2020)
  • Pauline Scharf, Relations for Hurwitz class numbers (2021)
  • Edward Brunner, The theory of complex multiplication (2021)
  • Kai Badinski, Non-holomorphic Eisenstein series for the Weil representation (2021)
  • Baptiste Depouilly, The Kudla-Millson theta lift (2021)
  • Edoardo Mazzoni, Locally harmonic Maass forms and meromorphic modular forms (2022)
  • Stefan Moser, Congruent numbers and Tunnell's Theorem (2022)

Summer Schools for High School Students

I organized some courses in summer schools for high school students at ETHZ and TU Darmstadt. The summer schools aim at students aged between 14 and 19 who are particulary interested in mathematics.

In 2022, together with Alessandro Lägeler and Patrick Amrein we organized a course on Cryptography and Number Theory in the annual Studienwoche at ETHZ. We discussed some classical encryption schemes such as the Caesar Cipher and how they can be broken, but also the RSA algorithm and its number theoretical foundations.

Turing Machine

In 2018, Julian Bitterlich and I gave a course on Computability Theory during a summer school for high school students at the TU Darmstadt. The summer school has been organized annually since 2014 by Anna von Pippich and Fabian Völz. In addition to three lectures on the basics of the theory of computation we built a real life Turing machine together with the seven students attending our course. The machine was inspired by the original Turing machine by Jeroen van den Bos and Davy Landman, which they built for an exhibition in celebration of the Alan Touring Year 2012.

In 2016, Fabian Völz and I supervised a course on The Oddities of Infinity in the annual summer school organized by Anna von Pippich and Fabian Völz at TU Darmstadt.