Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli

Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli

Contact information

ETH Zurich Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli FIM Director Department of Mathematics HG G 45.2 Rämistrasse 101 8092 Zurich Switzerland


name:Linda Scales tel:+41 44 632 3451

Academic purposes

For all academic purposes, invitations to events, requests for speeches or other public appearances, please contact Linda Scales

For any inquires related to FIM please contact Andrea Waldburger or Andrea Bianda


Media contact information

For all media inquiries (requests for interviews for newspapers, TV or Radio), please contact the ETH Zurich Media Relations Office by e-mail or via phone: +41 44 632 41 41

Picture: © ETH Zürich / Giulia Marthaler