Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli



Academic year Class
2017/2018 (fall) Analysis III, undergraduate class (ETH Zürich)
2016/2017 (spring) Topics in the calculus of variations, graduate class (ETH Zürich)
2016/2017 (fall) Free Boundary Problems, graduate class (ETH Zürich)
2015/2016 (spring) Hamilton-Jacobi equations and dynamics, graduate class (UT Austin)
2015/2016 (spring) PDE II, graduate class (UT Austin)
2014/2015 (spring) PDE II, graduate class (UT Austin)
2014/2015 (fall) The Monge-Ampère equation and its applications, Nachdiplom Lectures (ETH Zürich)
2013/2014 (spring) Topics in nonlinear analysis, graduate class (UT Austin)
2012/2013 (spring) Optimal transport, graduate class (UT Austin)
2012/2013 (fall) Topics in Differential Equations, graduate class (MIT)
2011/2012 (spring) Calculus of Variations, graduate class (UT Austin)
2011/2012 (spring) PDE II, graduate class (UT Austin)
2010/2011 (spring) Geometric Measury Theory, graduate class (UT Austin)
2010/2011 (spring) PDE II, graduate class (UT Austin)
2008/2009 (spring) Transport optimal et applications (in french), graduate class (Université Paris-Sud XI, Faculté d'Orsay)
2008/2009 (fall) Equations différentielles et systèmes dynamiques (in french), undergraduate class (Ecole Polytechnique)

Invited Courses

Date Class
Jun 2018 Free boundary regularity in obstacle problems
Journées EDP 2018 (Obernai, France)
Nov 2017 The obstacle problem
Conference on Particle Systems and PDE's (Nice, France)
Sep 2017 The obstacle problem
Summer School at OxPDE (Oxford, UK)
Jul 2016 Regularity results for local and non-local energy interactions
CIME Summer School on Nonlocal and nonlinear diffusions and interactions: new methods and directions (Cetraro, Italy)
Feb 2016 Flow of nonsmooth vector fields and applications
The 6th Korea PDE school at NIMS (Daejeon, Korea)
Jul 2015 Flow of nonsmooth vector fields and applications
International Workshop on Elliptic and Kinetic Partial Differential Equations at IMPA (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Mar 2015 The Monge-Ampère equation
Thomas Wolff Memorial Lectures in Mathematics at Caltech (Pasadena, CA, USA)
Dec 2014 Nonlocal minimal surfaces
School-Workshop Nonlocal days in Basel (Basel, Switzerland)
Jun 2014 Regularity results in free boundary problems
EMS Summer School on Interactions between Dynamical Systems and Partial Differential Equations (Barcelona, Spain)
Jun 2014 Trasporto ottimale ed equazioni di tipo Monge-Ampère
1 Corso Intensivo di Calcolo delle Variazioni (Catania, Italy)
Jun 2014 Monge-Ampère type equations and applications
CIME Summer School on Partial Differential Equations and Geometric Measure Theory (Cetraro, Italy)
May 2014 Stability results for geometric and functional inequalities
Nirenberg Lectures in Geometric Analysis at CRM (Montreal, Canada)
May 2014 Regularity for the Monge-Ampère equation, with applications to the semigeostrophic equations
School-Workshop on Kinetics, non standard diffusions and stochastics: emerging challenges in the sciences (Austin, TX, USA)
Jul 2013 Stability results for geometric inequalities
Summer School on Geometric Measure Theory and Optimal Transport at ICTP (Trieste, Italy)
Jan 2012 Stabilité dans les inégalités fonctionnelles, transport optimal et EDP
Cours Peccot at the Collège de France (Paris, France)
Jun 2011 Optimal transport, functional inequalities and Riemannian geometry
Summer School on Aubry Mather Theory and Optimal Transport (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jun 2011 Free boundaries in variational problems
ERC-Summer School on Calculus of Variations, Continuum Mechanics and Geometric Inequalities (Ischia, Italy)
May 2011 Variational models for the incompressible Euler equations
Summer School during the Trimester Program on Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDEs, Dispersive and Transport Equation: Analysis and Control (Trieste, Italy)
Sep 2010 Applications of optimal transport to isoperimetric inequalities and Riemannian geometry
Summer School on Optimal mass transport and geometric inequalities (Riezlern, Austria)
Apr 2010 Optimal transport and applications
2009-2010 Salomon Bockner Lectures in Mathematics (Houston, Texas USA)
Jun 2009 Variational models for the incompressible Euler equations
Summer School on Optimal Transportation: Theory and Applications (Grenoble, France)
Sep 2007 Variational models for the incompressible Euler equations
Summer School on Optimal transportation structures, gradient flows and entropy methods for applied PDE's (Vienna, Austria)