Prof. Manfred Einsiedler
ETH Zürich, Departement Mathematik

Introductions and surveys:

What is ... measure rigidity?
A simple proof of a special case of Ratner's measure classification theorem.
Diagonal actions on locally homogeneous spaces (Pisa Notes), joint with E. Lindenstrauss.
An introduction to effective equidistribution and property (tau), describing joint work with G.Margulis and A.Venkatesh.
2006-ICM-survey, joint with E. Lindenstrauss.

Research papers:

Integer points on spheres and their orthogonal lattices, joint with M. Aka and U. Shapira.
Divisibility properties of higher rank lattices, joint with S. Mozes.
Duke's theorem for subcollections, joint with Menny Aka.
Equidistribution of primitive rational points on expanding horospheres, joint with S. Mozes, N. Shah, and U. Shapira.
Integer points on spheres and their orthogonal grids, joint with M. Aka and U. Shapira.
Simultaneous dense and nondense orbits for commuting maps, joint with V. Bergelson and J. Tseng.
On measures invariant under tori on quotients of semi-simple groups, joint with E. Lindenstrauss.
The distribution of closed geodesics on the modular surface, and Duke's theorem, joint with E. Lindenstrauss, Ph. Michel, and A. Venkatesh.
Entropy and escape of mass for the space of lattices in 3 dimension, joint with S. Kadyrov.
A joinings classification and a special case of Raghunathan's conjecture in positive characteristic (with an appendix by Kevin Wortman), joint with A. Mohammadi.
Badly approximable systems of affine forms, fractals, and Schmidt games joint with J. Tseng.
Equidistribution of periodic torus orbits for SL_3(R), joint with E. Lindenstrauss, Ph. Michel, and A. Venkatesh.
Diophantine approximation on fractals, joint with L. Fishman and U. Shapira.
Rigidity of measures invariant under a semigroup of polynomial growth, joint with S. Fish.
Rigidity of measures invariant under a semisimple group in positive characteristic, joint with A. Ghosh.
Effective equidistribution for closed orbits, joint with G. Margulis and A. Venkatesh.
Distribution of periodic torus orbits, joint with E. Lindenstrauss, Ph. Michel, and A. Venkatesh.
The general low entropy method, joint with E. Lindenstrauss.
Differentiable rigidity for hyperbolic toral automorphism, joint with T. Fisher.
Measure Rigidity and p-adic Littlewood type problems, joint with D. Kleinbock.
Joinings of higher-rank diagonalizable actions on locally homogeneous spaces, joint with E. Lindenstrauss.
Non-Archimedean amoebas and tropical varieties, joint with M. Kapranov and D. Lind.
Invariant measures and the exceptions to Littlewood's conjecture, joint with A. Katok and E. Lindenstrauss.
Rigidity of measures -- the high entropy case, joint with A. Katok.
Entropy geometry and disjointness, joint with T. Ward.
Periodic points for good reduction maps on curves, joint with G. Everest and T. Ward.
Morphic heights and periodic points, joint with G. Everest and T. Ward.
Algebraic Z^d-actions of entropy rank one, joint with D. Lind.
Rigidity of Z^d-actions on tori and solenoids, joint with E. Lindenstrauss.
Positive elements of modules, joint with R. Mouat and S. Tuncel.
Invariant measures on G/Gamma for split simple Lie groups, joint with A. Katok.
Irreducibility, homoclinic points and adjoint action of algebraic Z^d-actions of rank one, joint with K. Schmidt.
The adjoint action of an expansive algebraic Z^d-action, joint with K. Schmidt.
Entropy and canonical height, joint with G. Everest and T. Ward.
Expansive subdynamics, joint with D. Lind, R. Miles, and T. Ward.
Positive elements of ideals, joint with S. Tuncel.
Fundamental cocycles of tiling spaces.
Markov partitions and homoclinic points of algebra Z^d-actions, joint with K. Schmidt.

Last update: August 2018