Teachingassistantships - Hilfsassistenzen

Group 3 employs students as teaching assistants for lectures offered by the group.

These include:

  • In the fall term (HS)

    • Mathematik I (for D-BIOL, D-CHAB and D-HEST, exercise classes in German)
    • Mathematik III (for D-HEST, exercise classes usually offered in German)
    • Probability Theory (for D-MATH)
    • Mathematical Foundations for Finance (for D-MATH)
  • In the spring term (FS)

    • Mathematik II (for D-BIOL, D-CHAB and D-HEST, exercise classes in German)
    • Probability and Statistics (for D-MATH)
    • Probability and Statistics (for D-INFK, exercise classes are typically held in German)
    • Probability Theory and Statistics (for D-ITET, exercise classes usually in German)

On occasion Group 3 also offers teaching assistantships for more advanced lectures to qualified candidates.

Further relevant information as well as details on the application process can be found on the following D-MATH website (login with ETH credentials required).

Please direct inquiries to the organizer of the group or the pool coordinator via eMail.


  • Who can apply? All students who successfully passed their 'Basisjahr' can apply.
  • When should I apply? Usually the employment process must be completed a few weeks before the semester commences. Applications received at the end of the preceding semester or at the beginning of the semester break allow for the necessary processing time.
  • Is there a minimum grade point average? No. When selecting candidates we strive to create a well-balanced offer tailored to the diverse needs of the student body in a given course of study. Motivated candidates are warmly invited to apply.