Assistant Group 3

Review of written exams

During the second and third week of the semester, students have the possibility to look at their written exams during the regular assistant hours. After the regular review session access to written exams is no longer possible.

Registering for attendance will be required. Registration will open during the first week of the semester.

The following written examinations can be accessed at the beginning of the Spring Term 24:

Exams administered by Group 3:

Anmeldung /Registration

Bitte hier anmelden um an der Einsicht teilzunehmen (bis eine Studen vorher).

Please register here for the exam review (at least one hour before).

Räume und Uhrzeit / Rooms and Time

ETH Weisung für Einsichten / ETH rules for exam reviews

Offizielle Weisung der ETH Zürich zu Einsichten (available in German only): hier