Ph.D. students

  • Thomas Stucker (Mathematics, ETH, 2022–present).
  • Pieter-Bart Peters (Mathematics, ETH, 2022–present).
  • Ethan Sussman (Mathematics, MIT, 2018–present).

M.Sc. students

  • Jean-Virgile Voegeli (Mathematics, ETH, Spring 2023), co-supervised with Tom Ilmanen.
  • Ruiying Xu (Mathematics, ETH, Spring 2022). Linearized gravitational perturbations of Kerr–de Sitter metrics.
  • Alexander Uhlmann (Mathematics, ETH, Spring 2022). Reconstruction of Lorentzian manifolds from null cone light observation sets.

Undergraduate theses and research projects

  • André Dabrowski (Mathematics, ETH, Spring 2023), co-supervised with Thomas Stucker.
  • Vladimir Nowak (Mathematics, ETH, Spring 2023).
  • Aaron Moser (Mathematics, ETH, Fall 2022).
  • YuQing Xie (Physics, MIT, 2020–2021). Quasinormal modes of small black holes.

Semester papers

  • Ophelie Rivière (Physics, ETH, Spring 2023).
  • Eric Goldhahn (Physics, ETH, Spring 2023).
  • Jean-Virgile Voegeli (Mathematics, ETH, Fall 2022).
  • Ruiying Xu (Mathematics, ETH, Fall 2021).
  • Alexander Uhlmann (Mathematics, ETH, Fall 2021).
  • Shrey Aryan (Mathematics, ETH, Fall 2021 and Spring 2022).