Lecture notes

Microlocal Analysis.

Geometric Singular Analysis and Black Holes.

A minicourse on scattering theory. (Exercises and videos.)


Academic year Class
2023 (fall) Allgemeine Mechanik. Moodle-Seite.
2023 (spring) Functional Analysis II. Course website.
2022 (fall) Functional Analysis I. Course website.
2022 (spring) Methods in Mathematical Physics II. Moodle-Seite.
2021 (fall) Microlocal Analysis. Moodle page.
2021 (spring) 18.157, Introduction to Microlocal Analysis (at MIT).
2020 (spring) 18.950/9501, Differential Geometry (at MIT). Course materials.
2019 (spring) 18.157, Introduction to Microlocal Analysis (at MIT).

Invited courses

Date Course
Mar 2023 Mini-school on Geometric singular analysis and black holes
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. Link. (Lecture notes are above.)
Sep 2019 Two lectures on Nonlinear wave equations
Introductory workshop on Microlocal Analysis, MSRI, Berkeley, MA, USA
Aug 2019 Minicourse on Scattering theory
SNAP 2019, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA. (Lecture notes are above.)
Jan 2017 Minicourse on Black hole stability
Tokyo–Berkeley Workshop PDE and Mathematical Physics, Tokyo, Japan