Exponential sums over finite fields and applications

November 1 to November 5, 2010


N. Katz
Princeton University

E. Kowalski
ETH Zürich

P. Michel
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

R. Pink
ETH Zürich

With the support of the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik of ETH Zürich, we organized a conference on the topic of exponential sums over finite fields and their applications. The goal was to present all aspects of exponential sums over finite fields, understood in the widest sense, and their applications, in particular to problems in analytic number theory. It is hoped that this conference will help reinforce the understanding of the aspects involving tools from algebraic geometry, and the often intricate ways that exponential sums depending on these tools turn up in apparently unrelated arithmetic problems.

The schedule of the conference is available here.

List of speakers/links to slides

(Here is the official poster)

For interested students, this web page contains notes of courses and other material that can be helpful for general background.

A. Adolphson Oklahoma State University
T.D. Browning Bristol University
R. Cluckers CNRS
É. Fouvry Université Paris Sud
C. Hall University of Wyoming
H. Iwaniec Rutgers University
N. Katz Princeton University
E. Kowalski ETH Zürich
P. Kurlberg KTH Stockholm, slides
P. Michel EPF Lausanne
L. Pierce Oxford, slides
R. Pink ETH Zürich
A. Rojas-Léon Universidad de Sevilla
Z. Rudnick Tel-Aviv University, slides
S. Sperber University of Minnesota
D. Ulmer Georgia Institute of Technology
J. Wolf École Polytechnique
T. Wooley Bristol University

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