Statistical and Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers (Part on Statistics)

Fall Semester 2014

General information

Instructor: Lukas Meier
Office: HG G 15.2
Lecture: Wednesday 8-10, HG E 33.1
Office Hour: By appointment


17.12.2014 Regression with Many Predictors
10.12.2014 Multivariate Statistics: Principal Component Analysis
03.12.2014 Response Surface Methods
26.11.2014 Nonlinear Regression
19.11.2014 Linear Regression

Lecture Notes

Part 1: Linear and Nonlinear Regression [PDF]
Part 2: Design of Experiments [PDF]
Part 3: Multivariate Statistics [PDF]
All Parts:Statistical and Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers: Part on Statistics [PDF]

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