Rahul Pandharipande
        Professor of Mathematics


Some introductory writings and an interview:

On classes on the moduli of curves [see also my ICM 2018 lecture,
                                                           my lecture on Hurwitz theory,
                                                           and Pixton's ICTP lectures: ]:

      1.   Tautological and non-tautological cohomology (with C. Faber)
      2.   Notes for Joe and Ian's book
      3.   Hypergeometric series A and B (with A. Buryak and F. Janda)
      4.   A calculus for the moduli space of curves
      5.   Cohomological field theory calculations

On Gromov-Witten, stable pairs, and further invariants
                                       [see also my lectures from 2004 in Taiwan]:

      6.   Notes on stable maps (with W. Fulton)
      7.   Rational curves on hypersurfaces
      8.   13/2 ways of counting curves (with R. Thomas)
      9.   Descendents for stable pairs on 3-folds

On K3 and log CY curve counting [see also my Abel in Paris lecture]:

      10. Maps, sheaves, and K3 surfaces
      11. On the proof of the Katz-Klemm-Vafa conjecture (with R. Thomas)
      12. Quivers, curves, and the tropical vertex (with M. Gross)