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Josef TeichmannJosef Teichmann

Publications and Preprints

Almost all of my preprints can be found on ArXiv, few also on the preprint servers of the Erwin Schrödinger Institute, or of the Mittag-Leffler-Institute. My list of publications can be found at MathSciNet's search for Josef Teichmann or at Zentralblatt's search results for Josef Teichmann. You can also see my profile in Google Scholar, or a recent picture taken at MFO.

Articles of general interest

Working Papers

  • Josef Teichmann: A Note on enlargeable Fréchet-Lie Algebras, working paper, 2001.
  • Damir Filipovic, Josef Teichmann: On Finite-dimensional Term Structure models (ps, pdf, arXiv/0201204), working paper, 2002.
  • Friedrich Hubalek, Josef Teichmann, Robert Tompkins: Flexible complete models with stochastic volatility generalising Hobson-Rogers (pdf), working paper, 2004.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Josef Teichmann: Infinite dimensional Lie Theory from the point of view of Functional Analysis (ps, pdf), PhD Thesis, University of Vienna, 1999.