Submitted Papers

  1. Sharp quantitative stability of the Brunn-Minkowski inequality (with P. van Hintum and M. Tiba)
  2. Constraint maps with free boundaries: the Bernoulli case (with A. Guerra, S. Kim and H. Shahgholian)
  3. Regularity theory for nonlocal obstacle problems with critical and subcritical scaling (with X. Ros-Oton and J. Serra)
  4. Strong stability of convexity with respect to the perimeter (with Y. Ru-Ya Zhang)
  5. Constraint maps with free boundaries: the obstacle case (with S. Kim, H. Shahgholian)
  6. Sharp stability for Sobolev and log-Sobolev inequalities, with optimal dimensional dependence (with J. Dolbeault, M. J. Esteban, R. L. Frank, M. Loss)
  7. Infinite-width limit of deep linear neural networks (with L. Chizat, M. Colombo, X. Fern√°ndez-Real)
  8. Complete classification of global solutions to the obstacle problem (with S. Eberle and G.S. Weiss)