Rahul Pandharipande

        Department of Mathematics
        ETH Zürich


      Notes on stable maps (with W. Fulton)

      Notes on self maps

      Notes for Joe and Ian's book

      Notes on the Chow ring of the Hilbert scheme of rational normal curves (unpublished)

      Notes on Hurwitz/Hodge integral formulas

      Notes on the Gromov-Witten theory of the double point resolution

      Notes on enumerative geometry for Calabi-Yau 4-folds.

      Notes on orbifold local P[a,b] (with P. Johnson and H.-H. Tseng).

      Notes on slopes of divisors on the moduli space of curves: I, II .

      Notes on Hilbert schemes of singular curves.

      Notes on relations obtained from the projective flatness of the Verlinde bundles.

      Notes on Morita's relations as developed by Randal-Williams.

      Notes on Goettsche's conjecture about the chi-y genus.

      Notes on classes related to equivalent divisors.

      Notes on the Faber-Zagier relations (with A. Pixton): Berlin

      Notes on Lehn's conjecture (with A. Marian and D. Oprea)

      Notes on 0-sections